Disappointed – NO BRIGHT GIRL

I can’t live without you
you brought my weakness and misery home to me
I know I couldn’t give you
what you needed

But I’ll give to you every part of me
So tell me why you left me so lost
Can’t get you off my mind

But I’m leaving today behind
Everything’s gonna be alright

No change, blame it on me
And I say “Don’t want for us to end”
but I can’t change it

I know now she’s gone
Don’t forget me
Nothing’s gonna change my love for you
I swear to you that I won’t let you down

“Never lose your smile” I thought
As I dried her hair
I felt in that moment
Do you have an answer what I’m to you

Filling the gaps that you opened
The pain is healing now
But then I smelt your scent again
the one you always wore

Stay away from me
another lie I am pretending
everything gonna be alright

I don’t believe that its the end and gone
I need you to turn back to me
So hold on

I don’t wanna doubt everything you told me
I guess I’ll trust you again