I woke up this morning at dawnI believe that Ive been rebornThrew out my
Nobody knows why we forgetwe have love inside of us babyYou know you mean
Willy Nilly Willy NillyWilly Nilly Willy NillyWilly Nilly Willy Nilly, yeahWilly Nilly Willy NillyWilly
いつ頃からか私には、たくさんの友達がいます。時々けんかをしたり、笑ったり、泣いたりできる友達です。深くは話さなくても、何かを感じあえる事ができるし、長く会わなくても、ずっとそばにいるような。いつ頃からか私は、たくさんの友達を失いました。あの河べりをゆっくりと流れる風のように、ゆっくりと。So...We can do everythingand we can do the right thingSo
Oh, Ive been waiting for a long timeOh, Ive been waiting for a long
Hello! Everybody nice to meet you were NiNa
Picture this-its a Sturday morning tripIm with you my sweet foolIm strolling down to
She has me wonderingWho is this crazy thingFlying through the light and the darkAmazing
I heard a song on the radio todayand it made meremember youAnd I saw
Im on screenin front of the cameramy scene is total glamourI feel the lights
When I ask you peace comes to my mindEven if we dont talk still