Petrolea – Mili

Saturate me
Moisturize my body
Don’t mind their stares
Zoom me in
There’s a future waiting for us
Where they know that it’s not a phase
But rather fate
Until then
I’ll hold your hand and pretend we’re roommates
Reflect your colourful waves

Not a phase, not a phase
It’s fate, it’s fate

You know, those words
They have me cursed
Those “I love you, I love you”s
Nothing but trouble
Guess I have no regrets
Guess it wasn’t all bad
These graves we stand upon
At least we painted them in colours of us

They suffocate me
Have my air
Come breathe for me
Let us sleep
May we wake to a future
Where they realize
That it’s not about who’s right or wrong
But who we belong with
Until then
I’ll kiss your lips and pretend we’re friends
At where rainbows begin

No we’re not friends, we’re not friends
Let it begin, let it begin