Red_white_O_my_sweet_C_8_teen_H_twem_T_1_N_&_3_OverdosesI_cant_think_straight_or_C_for_Comatose_&Give_me_some_time_and space_and space_I want U 2 BA turbine generating power from steamShoot yourself into
聴こえるざわめき群れてく鳥の鼓動数える 数える回り狂うコマの残像余ったらアウト淀んだ空気 何処となくスプーキーぶつかり合うと光の粒子がこぼれる風に Dont fool meI dont wanna play your musical chairsYou know I hate this gameYou
Hey, wait your turn, little tykeWait for your own snowball dividendWait, til the chalice
Every time Im hooked up on UEvery time U look me upEvery time Im
On this open roadSo where are we goona go?Far behind the codesAre places we
Dont get blinded Keep your eyes on the audienceNo nonsense now Keep a check on the
けど でも コレ? アレ? ずっと き み をけど でも アレ? ダレ? きっと き み がスキアレも コレも たぶん ボク ずっと き み をけど でも アレ? カレ? きっと き み がスキAnytime U want I Hold you tightトキヲ Luv U イエス Do I doAnytime I need U Hold
Out of the nighttime and into the twilightWe head for the sunshine and back
A cold dark light She was a sliver in my mindCouldnt see the city for
Dig a grave, dig a grave in the name of the dead goneHave a
Hot dark corridors and mirrored nightsAsphalt spewing outem traffic lightsYou made it all clear,
Anodyne To kill the hurt inside meAnodyne Give me a place to hideAnodyne Wait for your love
砂混じりのメロディ 目の前の カーレディオ錆び付いたアンテナで 受け止めるよ ノイズ纏った 君ピンのボケたチャイナ ゲルハルトのリヒターOne nation under a sun届けられる テレパシックな 君Radio Radio Wow OhRadio Radio Wow Oh Oh Ohパリで聞いたセルジュ ポンピドゥーのダミアンOne nation under a
響き渡る遠くに 誰だろ?聞こえる呼び声(の)彼方いつの間にか見てた景色夢の中月に憑かれ on my way夜はイカれ dance to dance深い闇の concession意外すぎる結末にOK?黒い道化師 毛布に包んで何故だろう? 見えた地平線昔の記憶 今は後がないぼくは疲れ in my dream君はウカれ through the night霧が包む
Cold to the coreRaw as the fleshI broke the lawYou caught a lightHit and
揺れる悲しみ そして憎しみみんな かすんで行く軋んだ (spirits)Were taken Were taken away Awayとぎれたメモリー 空に凍り付く裂けた この心が二つに (splitting)Were making Were making our way NowhereWe split in two (slipping)Were
All that I wantedAll that I neededHas disappeared nowWith the rush of the seasonsChasing