I just wanna tell you I love youBut I just cant seem to find
Someone is callingI can hear a voice whisper my nameYeah Im bout ready for
The seasons changing I can feel it nowSee the color when I look aroundFeel
When I close my eyes cant fall asleepBaby goodnight you say to meWanna hear
Through all of the upsAnd through all of downsI know that life aint easyBut
The sun is shining bright outsideI wake up dreaming of youIts gonna be a
I dont know what to do, Im falling for youFeel like I can do
Are you ready lifes just startingCome with me lets write your storyYeah look ahead
Seasons come and seasons goLike the falling of the leavesThrough it all Ill always
Friday nightLiving lifeFeelin rightTime to get this party startedCan you feel the rhythmDeep inside
Darling dont cry, wipe the tears from your eyesI know that its hard to
Hear your voice in the windYou whisper to meFeel the sun on my skinYoure
See I was out there looking for the answerBut all along you were standing