I cant feel the heat of your breathI cant feel the heat of your
Im walking down our streetIts colder now in the day timeIm walking in our
Ah 話せてなかったことAh 言葉にできないままAh あなたを好きな気持ちだけはほんもの青葉通り 歩いてると光りだす風 動きだす風涙を含んで 今があるすべてのことに偶然はないんだとだけど心と 頭の中は絡みあっては ほどけてく穏やかなのは そう見えるだけ?絡みあっては ほどけてくAh 話せてなかったことAh 言葉にできないままAh あなたを好きな気持ちだけはほんもの広瀬川 きらめきがすべての人へ す
You walk around with a glowYou know the kind that I never haveHow I
If you knew what I was thinkingBut never dared to tell youI promise Ill
I asked do you want to knowThe place where I always goAnd you said
Come come come lets show the worldCause you and I, we can make magic
Sun is shining too brightTake away all that lightThe only thing I want is
Det var nagon som berattade pa telefonEn rost jag inte hort pa lange, langt
Vi ska inte gora svag musikVi ska inte titta pa alla andraVi ska inte
Weve built this house together nowI would be a liar if I told youIts
Tank om du visste, att det ar dig jag tanker paTank om du visste,
I can be your soldierNext time youll be mine?O-oooh well fight with loveI can
I just wanna hear the songs inside meThat is what you wantAnd you can
うん 分かってる手放さなくちゃ 手放さなきゃってだけど 震えてるのもう少し待って もう少しだけAnd I know what I knowI know what I knowどんよりした部屋にもAnd I know what I
I have started something newHave started something goodHave started something trueAnd I know exactly
Looking upThen straight down like a rollercoastarPretty sure that we got itIts been coldNow
I wanna go I wanna go nowTo the place where you can see the
I love the greenRemember watching the nature screenAnd ohoh what a mind blowing siteWe
I walked with the clouds in my eyesAnd “its not worth it” in my
And I flew over the world to be with youFlew over the seas to
I am trying to get over youAs best as I can, as best as
Lights are out now and we are freezingSmell the sense of gasoline, no oxygeneIn
Though youre not sick anymoreYour lungs are totally curedThough its over I still think
I wanna go out, but its raining outsideAnd theres this thunder, theres this thunderI
The minutes ticking slowlyHow I wish that it was January alreadySo give me little
He picked me up in his blue old VolvoWith a calm face and his
She had always been in love with the oceanShe had always been but shes
Hey what you saying, is this for realOr is this a joke, dont wanna
It was crowded, it was loudAnd I was feeling like a fish out of