Continue along the way, which I believe in.
If I am wrong I am right.
I don’t care about it anymore

Being and time.
Analyze the present state well.
Protect what you protect and rack up a lot more.
Is there a pride and know-how?
The way is required at all times.
Aren’t ideals fed up yet?
Otherwise show me the way.
If that’s no good I can’t go there right now.
Try to persuade me.

I go under cover
You go under cover too.
We should not be rash
We should wait for a good time.
And ultimately one day your moment comes.

I know that I need to take my finger out
I will figure it out.

I recalled that when I least expected to.
Even now, I still sometimes remorse those things.
And still life goes on.
And all that you have to do, is be true to you

One day your moment comes.