Better days – LONGMAN

How do you like it here?
The place was attractive because it’s a change of pace for me.
I’m gonna like it here!
I need an escape sometimes.
I look for just right balance.

That’s what’s called crying for the moon.
Everyone is always brilliant for me.
I have always dreamed of you
That’s thhe way the ball bounces.
I don’t know sinse when I change to such a coward guy.
I always got away to this day.
Will I find out another better day?

It has been longest day!
明日には 先には 見えない場所を見ようとしていた帰り道
今なら 今ならば うまくできたなんて過ごしてる変わりゆく日々

It’s not that I like comparing, but I find myself seeing around
If I changed inferiority into power, I’m incivility this time.

It has been longest day!
あの日は あの日の 消えないものを消そうとしていた帰り道
今なら 今ならば うまく言えたなんて過ごしてる

I have done well.
Thank God it’s Friday!
Let’s call it a day.