We go alone – knotlamp

Though I don’t wonder what is going on
Why am I wasting my precious day?
I doubt myself
I doubt my life
I have too many contradictions

Though the polar ice is melting
There is not a day when I don’t drive
Though a lot of people live with gunshots
I’m still not satisfied with my peace

Break it all
This is my misunderstanding
Turn the wheel
Before I lose myself
Change my way
Again I will look around me
Right my wrong

I guess I’m loved by no one

Before I can’t see through the lies

We go alone
If we keep riding the stream, someday we’ll go crazy
Everybody knows the world is made by us
So we must change the way
We’re all alone
Is this generation dying?
Is there no other way?
We’re thinking too much that ”it’s usual”
So we must know the truth for ourselves

We never lose in this game
Even though everybody’s gone crazy, I’ll reach for the answer
But I believe in my way
Even as I fight through this chaos, I’ll keep singing my song for us
Until my story can be read

So we will make our new story