Meet Kazuo
A crestfallen vagabond wandering around with negative thoughts
Violating his hopes and dreams.
All he wanted was to feel loved
And now it’s time to vent about it.
So Kaz, why are you so negative all the time?

Nobody cares about the clown when his sadness has taken over
When the world has overwhelmed him it’s hard even staying sober
As he clings on to the past and replaying his favorite moments
Realizing so much has changed he breaks down and lay there hopeless
Somedays I feel progression
Somedays I wanna end it
Somedays I value friendship
But cave into depression
Cutting communication like this is the perfect therapy
Wondering if somebody will ever ever be there for me
Before I admit I’m wrong, I’ll play the victim
Blame the world before I beg for it’s forgiveness
I live inside of my head some thoughts must get evicted
Someone take it all away I just hope that I’ll never miss it
As time goes on, traveling through each outcomes
Til I no longer am a victim, or a dweller for nostalgia
It’s me against the world, till kingdom come
It’s me against the world, till kingdom come

It’s sad boy hours stand the fuck up
It’s sad boy hours stand the fuck up
If you are depressed stand the fuck up
Don’t listen to these hoes it’s okay to cry
Alright, yo

How many bags I gotta chase ‘til I get outta mine?
How many times I gotta lie when I say I’m alright?
How many smiles I gotta fake cause my ass ‘bout to cry..
How many times will I say sorry I shouldn’t apologize..
How much pussy will it take for me to move on completely?
How much changing will it take to be that person that she needs?
How many hardships until this life becomes easy?
How much drugs will I take ‘til I… fuck it nevermind
My name is Kaz and I don’t have a place to call home.
Been moving all my life and honestly it all blows
The ones I love the most be living hella far so
It has me distancing myself from all the friends that are close so
I locked myself in this room that’s the life of this creator
Yelling everyday cops are called on me cause I piss off the neighbors
Friends be texting me but I don’t got the time, I’ll talk to’em later
Gotta put in work last thing I wanna be called is a failure
Can’t maintain communication, admit that I suck at that shit
I tend to ghost all my people don’t notice
when some months have passed since
I’ll hit’em up randomly asking ‘what’s up’ as if nothing had happened
And wonder why all my relationships end up all fucking disastrous
The fuck is wrong with me? I just want to be
Something far from weak, up my artistry
But I’m under all this heat
They’re punching cards but me, I’m running far for this dream
Nothings stopping me I cut y’all off for weeks
For what’s tomorrow means nothing promising
Trouble follows deep confront me? Nah just leave
I suck at arguing don’t fucking start with me
Fuck your honesty
No wonder why G- left
Oh it really hurts huh?
I can’t say I was a perfect boyfriend
But she was the first love
Time has passed, but I hold on to moments as seconds turn minutes
4 years of history.
Ups and the downs just for her to live life like I never existed
Locked myself in this room that’s the life of this ‘savior’
Yelling everyday cops called on me I piss off the neighbors
Good intentions interpreted as toxic behavior
But I gotta put in work, last thing I wanna be called is a f-
Press a button to begin…

Yeah yeah
Honestly I don’t know how to fucking start this
Aight Imma let it rock
Yo, okay.. Look, real shit
Yeah, when my dad dies I honestly don’t think that I’ma cry
It’s not that I don’t like the guy, when I was young I tried and tried
To build a bond with him even when he ain’t see eye to eye
With my moms after their divorce was finalized, fuck
A black boy that barely knows his father, oh so typical
I remember wanting to see him but shit was difficult
He had a new family and that made me feel invisible
Vacations that I wasn’t invited to left me miserable
Got 2 kids from a new wife and she hates my mom with all her life
Trying to be a part of their lives
but they do not try to be part of mine
So I’m that boy that always cried, forced to let this trauma hide
I can’t even imagine what a father-son talk is like
Every friend I make I expect them to leave
It’s unhealthy to think my friends are temporary
But shit, I see us drifting already. Depressing to see
So if I die, fuck it. it’s probably better 6 f-

There are nights I went to sleep
Hoping I don’t wake up
No one there to save me from my thoughts
‘Cause I don’t say much
There are things I fucking miss
That I’ma never get back
I’m a victim of nostalgia
I don’t know where my head’s at…
Wake up, Kazuo
I don’t feel so good
Never do what I should
I’m gone with the wind
And all my dreams are
I don’t feel so good
Never do what I should
I’m gone with the wind
And all my dreams are

I got some problems
That I bottle
Up inside of my soul
I said my sorry’s
But I’m awkward
It’s out of my control
I got some issues in my head when I dream
I can’t wake up no more, no more