White Stallion – Kaz

Picture you and me babe
Gettin lost in busy streets
Better lost than found and now
It’s you and me
These moments that I just can’t hold onto
maybe I
baby I don’t wanna lose you
but there’s no stopping it
It might hurt but don’t
close up

Don’t call yourself fine without me
Girl I know you well, know you having bad dreams
I would have saved you
I could have fixed you

Don’t hurt yourself thinkin bout him
Think of me instead, girl I know I sound grim
I would have seen you
2017, acting eighteen, girl on the screen like
Fuck twelve and fuck love, you and I we been through it all

When I first saw you in the dress
White stallion, hope that I’m your favorite mess
A blessing on the screen
If only you weren’t so far from me

White stallion
Always by my side
but you got scars
too many scars