Nothing left to hold on to but pieces of metaphors thatOnly help me to
Take the weight away until I find my feetIf I knew what I wanted
I push away and then I leave a little silk on the outsideOne more
Learn to lose it all, lean into the fallAn embrace thats tough to gauge
Ive lost the feeling againIts not a joke that I get these daysI dont
Feeling this might hurt sometimesIm just saying. Not a negative answerBeing this way turns
Push the button in the middle of my head, want no part of thisI
Too soon to say its just a momentIn time well forget its like all
Nothing really counts until its left in piecesNothing really hurts until you have to
Wish it never started?Say it once and never againNothing really seems to phase meNothing
On the run for coverTrip and let it pass and watch the days go
Passing by the wayside just a moment from the pitsCommas turn to full stops