In the snow in the snowIm on the trainon the way to your homeown
(shatterlove , shatterheart)and as a make another stepand dont know where Im heading yetI
Its you who brightens up my day and makes me feel brand newYour love
(Smile , Laugh ,Joy)You have a light insideYou can see the real meYou are
手を伸ばす その瞬間に音をたてて始まる reality of days目の前に 広がるインスピレーション雲を溶かす 光が今 そうyoure free to believeyoure free to believeyoure free to believein the beautiful
Always looking for your smilingIm searching for the bright endPromise girlYou are my lastThats
When I wake up in the darkWhen I know Ive had enoughJust one touch
hear the wind thats whisperingits time to gonow Ill make a new stepholding you
Reach up to the skyCan see the starsJust the timeMake the sky as nightやわらかに光おちてJust
Long way夏が終わる気がした君と出会ったあの場所へ行きたいんだAll wayきっと行ける気がしたI cant let you goNo way , no more dayI wanna reach
Ive been lost in my world sometimesYouve been feeling alone somehowOver and overWell start
Its better to risejust level you eyes up highforget all the painor the secret
Summer soft....Wakes you up with a kiss to start the morning offIn the midst
ive heard the flapthe bird fly in sun risenobody can touch or search itforeverfallen
幼い日に なくしたその痛みの 意味さえうずくまって たくした僕はきっと…青の果てに見た 予感をとらえて風にのり 光の射す方へIll always be with yousee the sky in front
(Whole new dreaminworld)風の中で ただ揺れるボクは夢が覚めるまえに キミを迎えに行こう手をつないだ雲は 甘い香りくれて新しい未来が きっと待っているから誰もいない 不思議な 光の中で星たちと 鳥だけが 踊る迷道不安などかき消され 奏でるボクに話しかける 遠くの声 ちゃんと聞こえているよStep into the musicすぐに迎えに行くよキミと夢の扉で YeahYeah
Hear the wind thats whispering its time to goNow Ill make a new step
Time is 10 past nineキミはいつもクラウドDriving to your town迷いもいつしかLOUDHigher speed tonightAnywhere you wantAnywhere we go(Will
What do you knowIm hereJust falling downCounting the linesthrown awayHow do you feel speakingnothing
Everybody knowssilent speakers crying the nightそれでも世界は回るのさDont know whyLooking for the worldthat could be more
You have a light insideYou can see the real meYou are a friend in
Its so long time agoWhen we shared lovely songsToo many things were surrounded our
Autumn and winter had gone awayand then spring brought you into my life to
Still awakeThinking how I thought that this loveis mine and you will stay with
Hey hey hey youAre all the reasons whyI wanted you to be mineAnd youIll