Only you and I, we’re running away from the darknessI think I want to
You woke up covered in scarsIn a room near the surface of realityHer naked
You are bored of lifeI can seeCan I be the one to take you
Another Lie, I made to save you dear.A broken fate, will never become true.This
Here I am againIn a room without a doorWhere my love makes no sensebut
Where is my blood?Is it still behind the curtains of rage?Are you home, drowned
あぁ全て罰のせいさあぁ白と黒の交差 見えないものが恋しくて馳せる思いが溶けて白い時に変わってく流れていく だましてよ二人のこと雨降れば 絡まる指壊してよ街の記憶祈りだす夜の途中で だましてよ二人のこと雨止めば 絡まる影サーカスティックに滲む涙幻にささげた夜 あぁ全て罰のせいさあぁ白と黒の交差繰り返すリズムとノイズはもうすぐに全て終わる
When the dawn came from the westTwo blue-eyed boys were kissing in my bedSo
Thousand years away, from the time we had youmillion fell and broke, then revised