She is a girl lays down the rules of this townNobody can complain herWhat
One step ahead, I landed on the marsWhen the saints go marching inSleep in
Found myself dreaming aloneAnd there’s a paradiseI used to draw in my mindAte up
She was born to be queen of the worldAnd she keeps on tripping all
Say what you saySomeday you orderedI don’t wanna be alrightWe don’t wanna be alrightSo
Maybe I can’t find myself anymoreAround me a star is walking aloneGive me a
Yeah, I feel your soul Feed your soul so badYeah, I feel your soul Feed your
Only thing I wanna say isNot gonna changeFaster and go up higherI know my
Our morning hear the Sunday rainFallin’ down Fallin’ downIs it too late to loosen
Is this History? Yes it is HistoryLet’s get it back to our generationWhat I