Feel the fear in my despair of life.Eat my words,but youve never come back
Wherever I go, whatever I doEven if youre not hereThe feeling you gave me
It surprised to meNever felt like this beforeBut I realizeTheres no one else like
ふらふら 来たぞ呼ばれてなくてもだらだら 歌とラップをシャッフルする双子兄と弟 登場 from P.O.P こんちわ IBB挨拶とスカートは短めに暇してるなら Easy comingいい感じ 今何時?気にせず集合 Here we goIts been so longよく来てくれたHow have you
Mais gostoso que ninguemVoce e o meu amorCheia de luzComo uma florOlhos azuisQue dao
溢れる、満たされる、想いがまた募り始めてく夜更け移ろう、乱される、想いがまた彷徨い始める目覚め灰色の景色に滲んだ明日に新しい光と影奏で合うYou gave me this isolationMaybe thats what I need so longYou gave me this
Ive been asked many times.Where is the key and perfect me?I cant find the
A very crowded crossroadsA lot of people pass me by.Alone in my thoughts, I
Whats in your eyes?Whats on your mind?Whats by your side?And what do you wanna
ここにないものを探してた見つからないものを求めて行き止りの道にうずくまる諦めたふりをして待つ傘はいらないと振りほどいたそれでも見つけた手を伸ばしたら光が射し包まれた青空kiss of life 君がくれた生まれたての鼓動kiss of life その全てがもう一度呼吸をはじめるkiss of life ありふれないでkiss of life 愛されることに咲き乱れるだけの喜びはいつの日か消えていく
When I listen to music.Music brings me a different world. Thats why I like
Ive lost my wayIve lost my heartIve lost my soulIve lost my reasonHeres not
Im calling you…Im still calling you…Theres no place where I can be with you.Theres
I wanna hear it. Let me hear you sayDancin on the floorGonna keep on