Im not afraid, of standing outA hundred demons messing with my head againI wont
Time passes meLike a man on the streetI cant help but notice a changeIts
A jealousy grows in his headIts escalating thread by threadUnbalanced frame over his bedPlanning
ずっと眺めていた遠く幼い頃から今も色褪せたその景色は真白な壁に飾ってあるかわいた風をからませあなたを連れてくのさhoney so sweet 限りない夢をこの両手につかんで転がってゆく道で少しイカレタだけさ深い痛みはとれないけどそんな哀しい目をしないでかわいた風をからませあなたを連れてくのさhoney so sweet 信じてほしいこの世界が嘘でもI want to fly, waitin for
You claim the heart in meYoure not the only oneAnother thought so full of
Answer me how it feels withinNo way to know what mattersI feel the painful
Im not sickIm not the foolIm not scarredAnd were not far apartWell I admitIm
Are we stuck where we cant go back?Are we stuck where we cant move
Answer me how it feels withinNo way to know what matters醒めない悪夢に唇噛む (Need to let
Im a lion in a freak show,With a twisted point of viewI feel likeIm
Came in from a rainyThursday on the avenueThought I heard you talking softlyI turned
実態 masquerade 社会 大衆善人 surface絶対 submission 整列 非現実的 resistanceBreak it その硬い defenseRight now 陥落の chance会場内は解除し限界突破しろ!監獄から救い出せ 本能へと手を伸ばせ取り戻せ自分を yeah yeah監獄から救い出せ 悪夢までも飲み干せ解き放て野獣を yeah yeah脱線今宵 finding
Broken hearts and battle scarsFrom the shadows, here we areFallen angels in disguiseWaiting for
Into this hole I sinkNowhere to run for coverIts trying to bury meBut I
Destroying my faithNo, I wont fight in your gamesDestroying my faithAnd I dont wanna
I know what Ive seen Midnight celebrationI want to be free Midnight celebrationI want you to
そばに来て 崩れゆく抑制ボクを怖がらないで飛べない鳥が夢見た空交わってく色 それは違うredドアを叩く音にボクは耳を塞いだ叩いてるのはキミ?それとも他の?Will your lips taste the kiss of death?ダーリン運命が血管を走るよ動き始めた世界 …愛?誰よりも溶け合いたいよダーリンボクを怖がらないで Kiss me nowキミを味わいたい …そんなボクは変?一人じゃそれ
I could have seen the other sideTaking a step into the skyAh, Im always
I lie awake beside the windowsillLike a flower in a vase, a moment caught
Embraced in all desiresSlowly Im crawling towards the endI lose sight of the exit
そう我は人間と呼ばれる最悪の悪さあらゆる生命の支配 天敵は同種族争いに刻まれた歴史から決して教訓は得られない 身体が飽き足りないRewind the times so crazyWhat right have we to kill? Full of
Come and dance with meAll we really need is euphoriaYeah, move your body to
Ah, the sun is born of night, it sets againThough no ones here to
It wont be long now till scientistsProgram a soul into the A.I.Accelerated by tools
I entrust my will to youLove is lost 傷付けあう様に The desire fires it on悲しい世界は連鎖する Worshipping
Feel, I can feel you - the bliss, your kissI cant believe it -
Made in heaven, Im your creation罪深き存在 破壊衝動に性的衝動植え付けられた脳Are you worried, baby? Wont you hear the
Jesus Christ, I believe youThe deepest trust, I wont leave you They call me
And the seaWaits to bring me downDrown me in its wavesStill I have no
絡み付く風に逆らい失った季節を探しているわずかでも目指す方向へ鮮やかな記憶が突き動かすHow many cuts should I repeat?How many fates should I accept?Does it have an