my life is a normal lifeworking day to dayno one knows my broken dreamI
lights are shiningblood is pumpinglet myself gostrings are jumpingcrowd is roaringfeel the power flowup
tell me why do we see dreamsand why do we want to be freeI
he is making the road as he goeswe follow behindbrave cool lusty calmblazing trails on the front line no
Such a sunny day, nothing left to doGonna lose my worries nowLots of free
you’re the only mirror for mewhen you comfort meI realize I’m feeling badyou’re the
pay tax, payta, pay taxwe’re gonna pay taxna na na na pay taxwe’re gonna
here on the beach no one’s arounda seabreeze blows right through my heartI see
Go boysGo nowGo fight Now “Smiling faces, crying mindsSafe way to live in this world”That’s
used to trust in youused to see the world in younothing’s what you gave
I don’t need nothingI don’t want anything no moreI won’t reach out an open
I just had to take some timeget back to what was mineget away from
teenagers are all assholes let’s not kill with knives so easilysociety’s gift to the worldthere
I feel unhappyI feel so sadI’ve lost the best friendthat I ever hadshe was
On the way home with you by the seaWe’re walking close together in the
you had goneand you left me standing there alone againand the seasons turn and
I gotta start today with a brand new feelingGet rid of evil thoughts and
let me wish shooting starthis is really from my heartstop the thoughts spinnig in
realize what’s in front of youdon’t believe everything you hearis it true you heard a rumorT.V.
I could not say“I love you”So my love has gone far awayI was worried
green acres is the place to befarm livin’ is the life for meland spreadin’
so you think I found the gloryyes but it’s not what you thinklet me
Like being in a strange dreamSomehow we’re in the wrong vanPop music on the
It was a summer day,a long hot summer day, not in‘69I met a girl
The south wind brings the smell of nightTrees are swaying in the breezeI leave
This world is hellThis world is heavenWhich is it? Make up your fuckin’ mind Nobody
I’m home againThe old kids are alrightNever thought you’d be back in my lifeAlive
So where will you go?You’re still walking day to dayYou don’t wanna knowThere was
I always end up making the same old mistakeThe more that I lose, the