Youre laughing while youre cryingYou cry but try to smileYour smiles what turned me
Dont try so hardCause I know you are alrightSo you can take a break
I woke up in CaliforniaI came to see my good buddiesMy weed, it never
Hey I thought I heard you callI dont know what you saidBut I know
I will follow him,follow him wherever he may goThere isnt an ocean too deepA
Lets skate todayI wanna ride with youYay! Skate todayI wanna rideI wanna rideThen you
We met for the first time, was ten years agoIt was when I met
Its Friday nightEmpty bottles all aroundOutside I can hear the waves bringing mesounds of
You call this“TV show”? HeyThis is my rock show, yeahYou call this“TV show”? HeyThis
I used to have dreamsThat I will wait for youThinking and bleedingBut Im really
Can I reflect on the summer that we spentIs it gonna be the last?Turns
Buffalo Soldier, Dreadlock RastaBuffalo Soldier, in the heart of AmericaStolen from Africa, brought to
Trust me Ive been thinking ‘boutValues that you make and teach us nowWhat you
When the sun begins to riseIn the great eastern skyAnd the evening stars go
Hey! One day you will dieJust get itAnd make it(Hey, hey, hey)Maybe you just
Let me just say this from the startThanks for the love but hear me
This is not what happened long agoAnd its burning, burning, turning on my mindDont
Do you think you are knee deep in problems nowBut they are so small
What did you just sayIts feeding jealousyMaybe just some word of love you knowCause
This is to myselfWhen I was seventeen and was full of youthSing your song
You know the things you can doNo limit of skies aboveYou are luckyCause you
Tell me now what has happened to meIm feeling like its so black and
Tell me if this chance is all I haveThis is what I ask myselfCause
What is it they hide?I guess that we just have no right to knowWhat
Bye now, I am finally freeSo now I cant drop just everythingWow wow wow
Dont try to stop what I can doYou wanna say Im nothingDont have to
States of warYoull always knowThe song I sing can make it end this wayStates
Youll be discouraged theres no message to showThis is a song to make us