DARTH VADER Faraway farawaySomeone’s yelling for a placeFaraway someones cries for help get erasedAnyway anyway
Just cast awayAnd never come back againYou took the match andBurned the bridgeNo more Let’s
Two roads to walk downBut they lead to the same placeGot no one to
No more shameStuck in the shadowsLayersIn black light When the fear is all goneWhen the
Not going back WaitHow long can we wait?TodayThis must be the day We’ll waste itWastedWe’ll waste
Save faceSave face Just make your laneTo the bitter endTwo miles awayStay awayStay awayStay so
It’s gonna be alright through this hell we call lifeOur middle fingerStays up to
You think you know how to win this warWell you ain’t heard from meI
PowerLooking at meIn all my miseryBut I know there’s noLooking back Enter the deep (make
Monsters don’t sleep under your bedThey live inside your headCan’t kill the demonsCan’t drown
Take me backTo Hell Do you want to feel the pleasure?Because with it comes the
Drink upDrink upI’m sick of waitingGet upGet upLooks like we made itDrink upDrink upI’m
Is there light behind of this?Or just darkness?Living for a word that’s fadingFade awayLet’s
If it’s too loudThen you are too oldThere is no volume for down Love it
Just goWhere my feetWhere my feet take meDoing what they say yeaCome walk a
I look around no one’s laughing with meHa ha ha haGet deep and get
All humans bringing us down,everything’s fuckedWere living, breathing this air is harmfulA noose is
Beast mode!! We’ll never go out thereOut of my mindInto the dark side Eye for an
How long have we been waiting for?Were out of timeThe bodies, bags I’ve stacked
WhoaWhen the world is goneIn the fire I’ll scream your nameWhoaWith the world in
Farewellfear what I say so you fight fair?I fight to winBody after body the death
I know my pain won’t wash awayWe’ve let the same old scars hold us
I am here to make you regretDo you really want to die?Come test your
This one disasterchanged me forever Our van was hauling somewhere far to the westThe biggest
Feel the rage There is no more room for liesNo turning back to hear your