Nothing is meant to beNever thought I can see it stayJust like an empty
I dont like MondayI dont like TuesdayI dont like WednesdayI dont like ThursdayI dont
Dont tell me what im feelingDont tell me to believe itThis isnt How I
Do what you want to, its gonna be fineWay too much, rum and cokeThrowin
This is gonna be alright, we will be fineTheres no one else, its onle
Do you remember the feeling that we had so long agoI dont knowDo you
Oh I can go, I can go anywhere, I knowOh you can go, you
This weekend!I think about what I wanna doits only monday nightIll think about where
Today I woke up aloneLast night was out of controland I cant take anymoremy
Yesterday I saw you in the early afternoonTalking to somebody that I knowWhen you
I can hide it but you will find it.Everything you feel is something real.We
My wants and needsSomething I knowbut you have changed youre not the sameWhere did
I see this every dayThe channels never changeI hate the world todayIt makes me
Standing on the corner of my lifeIts time to make it rightStanding on the
If you wanna be a rock starI will let you goI dont think Im
My life is likea story in a film, I wanna showOur memories are going
I dont wanna go back to my old life, so never look backI dont
In a Chevy with my favorite songSpeeding down the high way we go onIn
Standing on my way and Im singing to myselfThis is endless trip and its
This is my wayNothing is ever gonna go hold me downIm on a path
Waitting for change thatll come tomorrowThat aint no word of wisdom in my lifeOnly
When the day starts, and I start to walk back homeAnd I cant stop,
Stepping on the gasIm saying bye to my old lifePeople change and no one
With a beer in my handAll my friends have a good timeWell talking about
Nobody knows how I believeYou cant see my heartSomebody show me what to doFeelings
You dont even like meI know but I dont careYou dont even want meI
Now there are some daysThings go right and sometimes wrongWe are lost and broken,
There is some confusionI never said Im ready to goThere is something brokenAnother thing
Someone tell me something I dont knowMaybe this time its okayIm just feeling that
I neverForeverNo time to give up,right nowI neverForeverNo time to give up, right nowNot