We had a hard timeSometimes I hurt you badI hope you understandThe way I
会えない夜のストーリーさ眠れないの夢の中でまで踊り明す All night long 真夜中のベルが 冷たく響いた退屈な日々に彷徨って期待をしてしまうの 揺れて溶けてゆくよ街中照らす夜のネオンステップで掻き分けて 冴えない夜のストーリーさ忘れないよ夢の中でまだ踊り明すAll night long ride on ride on cruising night二人行けたなら… 会えない夜のストーリーさ眠れないの止まらな
heading west he’s looking down the hole damn towneveryone is rushing home but you’re
dance in the hazedance in the mazedon’t need to think who is not even
How far did I come am I the one you wantI still feel you
think it’s time to say good byeI’m too bored just wasting timetired of this
Hey ho sing & dance “sorry, I’ll be late”“it’s fine just found a place to
Make your mind now let’s go! Times past so fast we’re not that youngOh oh
The street lights glows and keep passing byBut we all live with it and
I feel the sharp wind stabbingIt’s like she is telling meIt is over My feet
Hey! Come in and join our danceCould be the last nightLast dance…don’t be afraid
When your down I will be right hereCould you find me when I’m lost
Don’t stop the musicThat nothing could raze me up higher and higherJust make it
Tonight we pray that it will last foreverI know I can’t stop the timeI
Open your mind Nothing to hideStomp your feet as you are born tonightDon’t be
I gotta get out from my bed it’s time to wake(Time to wake up)Leave
裸足でかけてたあの日は遠く同じ色した空 とぎれぬ平行線浮かぶ雲は 流れてゆく夏がまたくれば君をさらって行くのさ 繰り返すさよならにきっと夢の続きが待ってるさ光のパレードは行くそれならば身を任せて今だけはただ揺られるままゆらり ゆれて ゆくよ 光る道の上を いつか描いてた地図は滲んで読めなくても僕を何度も呼ぶあの歌声が ほらかすかに見える色づく日々のどこかでまた会えるさ振り返らず行くのだろう