Believe in Myself – EDGE of LIFE

You light my fire 胸焦がす衝動にtouch
What I want to hear 君のemotion
Whatever Will be, Will be. 今は激流のage
How are you feeling? 僕のmotion

立ち向かうためのStrong Ties 手を取ったら
Are we ready? ‘Play Fair…’

Just Believe in Myself
この世界で 終わんない夢
追い抜けSpeed up!! Speed up!!
Just Believe in Myself
孤独な夜を 越えて行くんだ
未来へ Speed up!! Speed up!!
走りだした 根拠なき想い
今、Just Believe in Myself

I want to draw a dream 二度と消えない程flash
Turning round and round 刻め passion
Without you? With you? 重ね合う瞬間にcry
What’s this life for 永遠のemission

旅立つ君への Good Luck また会えたら
Someday, Live to tell the ‘Tale’

Just Believe in Myself
時を越えて 変わんないモノ
焼き付けSpeed up!! Speed up!!
Just Believe in Myself
繋いだ手を 離さないで
刹那に Speed up!! Speed up!!
溢れ出した 遥かなる願い
そう Just Believe in Myself