you can run and hide but will you survive?the blind they hide in subtle
one step forward two steps backwardssaving culture? killing artyou want borders we just want
I cant believe that its over nowI hope you know that Ill miss youyou
living in a hazecounting down the daysacting like theres nothing taking overstaring down the
here we areslowly evolving? under all these starswere we forsaken for the flaws that
you say you know bestwell its easier said than donewhen youre so obsessedwith being
in the age of ignorancewe give up are innocenceand no one knows what is
take what you got and leave nowyoure wearing out your welcomeno one here wants
with a cold embrace, you bring me to my kneeslike a waste of space
thinking out loud I see no solutionscreaming out loud for a revolutionstop provoking mecontrolling
she came to me suddenlylike an angel out of nowhereI dont believe in miraclesbut
Its all over, overIve just given up, given up, given up on youIm not
Im lying here on a bed my eyes are closed but Im awakeI wish
I, I used to fearAm I falling back or moving forwardBut now when I
Nothing lasts foreverSo dont you ever take a thing for grantedHave you ever wondered?What
Sunlight was the only thing that felt right before I came hereBut inside it
When the sun goes down Ill meet you halfDont worry about tickets I know
We are the youth we are the knightsWell fight until we crash and burn
SunlightI cant remember whyWe stayed up till 4AMWe talked aboutNothing important and then made
He says hes had enoughShe says shes had it even moreI think weve waited
The pressureIs slowly eating through us one by oneThe poison it has left inside
Its a shame we never learnwe all consume more than we earnbut we are
you think were different?you think we never feel the way you do?weve got scars
in an endless spiralIm down too far to know where I belong againlost in
take a bow and rest in peacewere all sick of your diseasenothing here will
hate is hateI wont forgive and I wont forgetso lets stop pretendinghate is hateI
someone told me time will heal the painbut no one told me it doesnt
what if I painted skieswould I paint them black and whitebecause my head clouds
Like anyone would beI am flattered by your fascination with meLike any hot-blooded humanI
I close my eyes and count to ten erase the noiseall I need is