Unforgettable, that’s what you areUnforgettable, tho’ near or farLike a song of love that
I waited ‘till I saw the sunI don’t know why I didn’t comeI left
Some say that love is sweet as a roseSome say it’s honey and the
What’s it all about, Alfie?Is it just for the moment we live?What’s it all
Cigarette holder which wigs meOver her shoulder, she digs meOut cattin’ that Satin Doll Baby,
I will never knowcause you will never showcome on and love me nowcome on
Here I walk down the avenue looking at the pretty viewMaybe there’s a reason
I’m discontented with homes that are rentedSo I have invented my ownDarling this place
Come on-a my house-a, my houseI’m gonna give-a you candyCome on-a my house-a, my
All of me, why not take all of meCan’t you see, I’m no good
Somewhere over the rainbow way up highThere’s a land that I heard of once
I’m offering a simple phraseTo kids from one to ninety-twoThough it’s been said many