Always hear your songs and feel jealous
Spent some days to talk about our dreams
All those days we spent together changed into good memories
Time won’t go back so I must go on…

夏が過ぎ去って またひとつ重ねて

How are you doing? Are you doing well?
You were always going your own way
I’m not worried about a thing but don’t screw up your precious time
Tell me about your passion for your dreams

ぶつかりあって またひとつ重ねて

When I saw your back that day onstage
The sight of shining lights just crushed me down
Just don’t have the heart stand up
And I could not fight for
That is how you were precious to me

ここまでやって でもまだまだだって

夏がやって来て またひとつ重ねて
記憶はしまって 歩き出す

You were always encouraging me
Someday we meet I will try harder
The time you might fall in the dark

You were always encouraging me
I push your back cause now it’s my turn
Until we meet we’ll go our way