I know I cannot live without sunlight and water
I know I can’t survive without oxygen to breathe
Love is fragile like a flower
What don’t kill you makes you stronger
I know I’d fall to pieces if you stopped lovin’ me

What if love can last forever
You mean everything you say
What if I believed
Nothin’s gonna change
If you love me baby don’t

Take it away, don’t
Take it away
Don’t take it away from me

I know this photograph it won’t capture what we’re feeling
This moment it will pass ‘til it’s just a memory
Love is patient and forgiving
What don’t break you makes you wiser
Cos I know that I’d be broken if you walk away from me

We could stay like this forever
Feels so good that I’m afraid
In a moment you know
Anything could change
If you love me baby don’t

Baby only you can move me
Catch me when I fall
Then wrap your arms around me
Tell me I’m beautiful yea
I wanna hear you say you’re never giving up
The only thing you’re fighting for, fighting for is this love