My Love – 矢野顕子

My love… I wonder who will be… my love.
I turn my head and hope to see that love
Can suddenly appear, my love.
I fear that I may never share my love.

I want to give my love away
Please tell me that you care for me
I’ve waited for so many years
To find you…

My love… Is stronger than you know… my love.
Allow me time to show you that my love
Can satisfy your need, to love.
Indeed I look to you for lasting love.

I’m asking just one thing of you
To give your heart a chance to feel
Emotions only two can share

My love… I give it all to you… my love.
I offer up my soul to do what love
Can build within your heart, my love.
The art of living knows no bounds with love.

I pray that you will stay with me
Eternal life is what we’ll share
I cannot face anothe day
Without you…

My love… Abounds with all that’s pure… my love.
And since you need to know enduring love.
Can change the way you live, my love.
I give you every freedom with my love.

I give you all your freedom with my love.