Fair Play – 大野愛果

I don’t know and I don’t care
Oh, about this world that isn’t fair

Give me gum and soda pop
Ice cream cones piled to the top
No more wars, no more pain
All except in movies it’s okay

And the third world kids on TV
Shouldn’t it mean more to you and me?

People say, they keep on saying
Change your ways, be like we are
Needing more, but helping poor
it can’t be both you
You gotta learn to play fair

I don’t see why they can’t say
“What are we doing anyway?”

Chocolate cakes and teddy bears
Maybe some love would help them care
Flowers bloom, no bomb no boom
Why don’t we start learning soon?

And another gun is found at school
So we try to make another rule

People say, they keep on saying
You’re a dreamer, change your ways
just be like us, don’t rock the bus
I can’t hold back
When no one ever plays fair