Larva – 城所葵

Like the cheek of fairy plume
Tried hard to hold back her tears
Because be afraid of lose
But we haven’t given up hope yet

Sound of good but
There is no substance
Do you want to it seriously?
Such a thing in not necessary

It’s your beautiful tears rebirth of the holy rain
It’s smile rebirth of grateful ancient sun
I wish, I only pray
Though any time I try to live, don’t cry
So everlasting story must goes on
it carries on…

Breathing feebly all too soon
Understand that nobody is blame
Darkness and sadness falls into night
It has go around. Alone.

Purity increases thoughts for you
So I don’t wanna be able to change my mind
Light gathers out of reach of the voice

I don’t know the method how to save you
but I know how to make you smile to gently
If needn’t anyway
I’ll fly away like the butterfly
Evaporate like the morning dew
Please don’t you care…