Are You Receiving Me? – ヒダカトオル BAND SET

All dust and rubble, no stone intact
Somewhere along I must have taken the wrong track
No one in front of me, no one behind
Nowhere to look except in my own mind

Turbulence in the atmosphere
Are you receiving me?
I’m heading straight for the stratosphere
Are you receiving me?

Dry air in silence, no heavenly choirs
And I’m still a prisoner of my own desire

Here comes terror in rubber soles
Are you receiving me?
Here in the darkness I’m all alone
Are you receiving me?

Flashing lights on the road ahead
Calling out to me
Like a fantasy movie
I can’t see it but I feel the force
Flying down to me
Right out of the blue

Out of the blue I find myself shaking
Caught in a whirlwind, I can’t see a blind thing