Im gonna buy you watch n chaingonna buy you diamond ringIm gonna buy you
うかれとぶ都会にムーンライト俺の心に夢を投げるやるせないぜ give me love tonightようこそ Lady マダムSo lonely boy in townハッカタバコふかして bluesyうわさの恋にケリをつけたバカ騒ぎして give me kiss tonightいかした Lady マダムSo lonely boy in
When I see you face in the moonlightWatching your eyes hold you tightKiss in
The city lights dancing in the moonlightAchin down inside, longing for her touchWont somebody
(You) stay out allnightCos your man just left you aloneDont let temptation get the
Lady 辛かったぜ 今夜逢えるまでLady ひとりじゃ 酔えないオレさイカれた恋にUターン本気さおまえとLady baby little Honey朝までShake rockn rollLady 答えてくれ やせたくちびるでLady 言葉じゃ 泣けないオレさどしゃぶり雨のHighway涙も涸れたぜLady baby little Honey朝までShake rockn rollLady イカ
(I was) walkin in the summer rainand it washed my blues awayFeel like Ive
When down to the night club. おまえを見つけた熱い体で 時をこがしたそれだけの事さ 俺はローリングストーンYou know Im a loser 答えておくれどこから来たのさ Memphis Tenesseeグリースのにおいが 溶けるアスファルト遠い昔 見たようなHey! you
Move me baby I love the way you moveMove me baby you sure look
You said that I was your one, one and onlyThen you go to the
振り向け WOMAN 気まぐれな微笑だけが 切札さ時世(とき)にうかれた この俺を熱く焦がすぜ DEEP INSIDEONE SUNNY AFTERNOONいつもの街は今 BREEZINGおまえが残したあてない約束TAKE MY HAND TAKE MY SOULその一言がまたダメにする一枚うわてさ SO GOODHIP 234HELLO APPLE HIPHIP 234HELLO APPLE
あいつには片思いなりゆきにまかせるさわけもなく熱い心もてあます都会の谷間の見慣れた昼下がりジャケットを肩にかけ街の角、曲がったら見知らぬ、優しさに突然、触れあえる探し求めてた幸せの女神Lay Myself in Morning Sun悲しみの川を渡る時は思い出抱いて時の彼方へLay Myself in Morning Sun悲しみの川を渡る時は思い出抱いて時の彼方へ夢色と淋しさはそれぞれの胸の中振
Baby, if you need my loveWhy dont you call my nameWoman, if you wanna
At one time or anotherSometime in your lifeYou might not know whether(To go left
I been cryin about the life that I ledI been worryin about those things
Frankie and Johnny were sweetheartsAt least, thats the way the story goesFrankie bought everything
If you wanna talk about your babyTalk to the wall, not meI aint got
I see you in the nightWhen the stars come aroundI leave you at dawnAs
Meeting people along my waySeemingly a long, long dayBut in reality of thingsThat my
You better go, you better find outYou better leave me for the other guyCouse
Shes (a) magic ladyShe treats me so unkindShes (a) magic ladyShe treats me so
On my way to marsI hear my baby calling meWell I loose my mindI
I was born in a dumpMy mama died and my daddy got drunkHe left
I think Im gonna love you eternallyWith your lips so moistTheres no answer to
Pretty SueYou really drive me madPretty babeYou really drive me madI said I love
Searchin for someone elseTo live up to my daysIf we were together nowDont need
Living life without you is the hardest thingThe sweet perfume and your tender lipsI
Id just turned sixteenWhen I got into the blues sceneI got a hold of
Shes a tall steppin woman of the highest classShe can hold her liquor she