Glowing touchpaperYour sparks fly all aroundOut of control andYou burned me to the groundWhere
And in the light of morningI left my bed and streetPassed the park and
Theres a place beyond the farthest cloudTheres a message in the windAnd when you
If you told me thenWhere I would be nowOut of the darkIn the lightI
Ooh Ooh...Day by dayI was feeling like I lost my way, whooDay by dayWont
No more crying for youNow weve made our bed of stoneLeave a light on
Weve been around the suncarried each other to hell and backInto a brand new
Someday Ill find my way homeThe trees in the wind will lead the wayAll
Always knewWhat I wanted to dobut things just dont go smoothInside out then going
stranded in a citythat doesnt hold me downsilencing my feelingsstreetlights blinking red againwhen the
Polly Jeanwere goingin betweenflutteringLike sunshine trickling through the leavesI want to feel something realLike
Its a little cold in paradise tonightLove fadedIm finding new forms,Ill ride it outIts
you were lookin out the windowhopin you would disappearyou were singing to yourselfhmm, hmm(hmm,