I never realizedHow deep my love for you has beenI never felt the void
Keep on goingNow the time has comeTo make it happenTo be the best of
You should not love me like you doI know nights will surely comeNo matter
YesterdayJust a photograph of yesterdayAnd all its edges foldedAnd the corners faded sepia brownAnd
You smile at meI feel good all dayI cry like a baby when you
Climb up the mountainAnd reach out your hand to the airBut who is to
WhyWonder why, I wonder why, I wonder whySomebody wont you tell me whyIm not
Looking for a place I could restA place to make my burden lightIve done
Why do you have to go so soon?Isnt there time for another tune?Just look
Hang on the mistletoeIm gonna get to know you betterThis ChristmasAnd as we trim
Oh no...Im feeling out of place everywhereSo I stay in my roomAnd talk myself
One day I was walking down on the streetThen a friendly face that I
Pink in blueThe morning hueAnd I inhale the air brand newIm here, Im here,
The sound of the rain, symphony in blueThe ray through the clouds,Stairs up to