Buy my joke and see them go falling for thesame old toy I know
Tell me my hero what do we needTo end it all yeah and to
今もまだじゃれあう記憶をパズルのようにそっと繋ぎ合わせて見て繰り返す始まりの息吹 終わりのまじない 何度も重ねて眠る思い出の一つたりとこぼさないように抱きしめてうたかたの夢に溺れてくいつの日かまた会えるなら夢の切れ端追いかけて行く見つけてみせるからふいにただすれ違う景色になぞるように遠きかの日の面影を振り返る始まりの奇跡 幻でもいい 何度も束ねて紡ぐ少しだけの後悔も慈しむようにたしなめてうたかたの
Toast to your life The funeral for theeIn the most crucial time you blow
Counting on the cracks in the pavementCounting on till I reach a better placeWhat
In a dead end street in TokyoFinished my bottle all aloneWhere Ill end up
“Are you ready?”Clap your hands, stamp your both feet立ち上がれ dont stop the vibe and
Same old lesson that reality bitesHey boy a new face here What did you
Hello again my violet memoriesQuite a while since youve been goneNot like years ago A
Here now I observeStanding on this fragile glass worldThe long fall the dream when
Hail your majestyI am coming to end your dynastyI am coming with a sword
Did I really have to see youDid I really have to see you go可もなく不可もない明日が僕らを笑うDo
Here we are standing on the edgeHere we are right behind the endCant believe
I find the same old creature knocking on my doorTry not to give in
Here I amTrapped in my own neverlandHere I standNah Nah NahTry to use this
Under pressure you are waiting for directionGoing on the road without your mindAll misleads
何がしたくて 何を求めありもしない答え追いかけて宇宙に輝く 星の一つに問いかけるすれ違って行った 光と影未来の足音にさいなまされしじまに響く あなたの声で目を覚ますあの日のままの君昔と変わらず奇跡の産声に重ねて僕らが夢見続けた世界が変わるその瞬間を忘れないように僕らが語り継いでいく散りばめられた 光と影星屑の一つが問い正す今でも君は 自由に跳べているのかとあの日のままの僕昔と変わらず奇跡の産声を信
I stand aloneThroughout the restless seasonsWe come and goTo find that perfect reasonFollow the
夢の後先へ夜明けの陽が眩しくてまたいつかなって笑い道はどこかへ続きくだら無い事で笑いくだら無い事で泣いた今だってそうだろうWe had to say good byeNothings good to meNothings changingTimes just passingNothings changingLast days
Yeah I hear you callingBut I dont get the message every timeNo regrets Im
Counteraction risingYeah we are ready for the punch lineTheres no use with all your
Wow oh oh oh oh ohThe pain and the pleasure All come togetherThere is no
I wanna be certain from the startBefore I dance into the fireThe conflict of
Now where are you going so fastNo doubt reality bitesAnd lots of trouble is
Say, Look again its missingYou felt it before Hes coming for moreThe daemon clutching
Hey Yo! Bummer There you go How could it be your not listeningWait! No
Pop goes the weasel were bored to death without a doubtLet go the reason
Jump in this noise accelerateGrab the microphone never need time to wasteBreak down it
Shadows are made inseparable from the lightEveryone learns the pain and feel their own